12 Biggest DISAPPOINTMENTS of the 2019 NFL Season

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Well, the 2019 NFL regular season is behind us. There were plenty of great performances. Look no further than the like of Lamar Jackson or the San Francisco 49ers for those.
But for every great performance, there was a disappointing one. So let’s get right into it and take a look back at the 12 biggest disappointments from the 2019 NFL season.
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Host + Editor: Jason Biondo
Writer: Alex Hoegler
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What else disappointed during the 2019 NFL season??? Comment below, we want to hear them.
Drevin Danner
Drevin Danner - Před 22 hodinami
Panthers 6-11
ZachTube - Před 3 dny
VeganVRking- daGameCat Everyone says it’s a disappointment so I had to say that.
Bash Lowk
Bash Lowk - Před 8 dny
The raven were disappointing being the 1st seed of the afc to lose to the 6th seed titans
Ibadatgames lel
Ibadatgames lel - Před 9 dny
Alex Willhite
Alex Willhite - Před 9 dny
Joshua Leibowitz they did suck the others just sucked more
Coolio Boolio
Coolio Boolio - Před 2 hodinami
What about 12 biggest suprises from the season? You know, Ravens, Derrick Henry, etc.
Dr. Mayhem
Dr. Mayhem - Před 9 hodinami
"Number eight, patriots offense"
Me: who's complaining?
Dr. Mayhem
Dr. Mayhem - Před 9 hodinami
Robie Gould was a good kicker
Emxry Is GOAT
Emxry Is GOAT - Před dnem
Biggest disappointment of the 2019 season: Ravens loss to titans in divisional
Ryan Ahr
Ryan Ahr - Před 2 dny
Damn. An entire list of NFL disappointments and no negative mentions of my Bills. Feels good :)
Sylvia Matrosky
Sylvia Matrosky - Před 3 dny
Dolphins week 1 59-10 loss
General Longstreet
General Longstreet - Před 3 dny
The Ravens in the playoffs
Gareth Owen-crumpton
Gareth Owen-crumpton - Před 3 dny
Seahawks O-line and their coaching should've been on here
Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams - Před 3 dny
The Browns were obviously number one. They could not even win against the worst team in the league the Bengals
Bangerooski Jones
Bangerooski Jones - Před 3 dny
You can't really blame the eagles for their season. I'm pretty sure that they were starting four or five starters at the end of the regular season
I am the Senate
I am the Senate - Před 4 dny
I think the Bears future is fine
Victor Thiros
Victor Thiros - Před 4 dny
The Super bowl was disappointing to me. It was entirely predictable and they chose the wrong MVP.
Don Gray
Don Gray - Před 4 dny
My biggest disappointment the Chiefs didn't score more points in the Super Bowl
Kaiden McLemore
Kaiden McLemore - Před 4 dny
Petros Christofides
Petros Christofides - Před 4 dny
This is legit the complete opposite of what I've been suggesting for like the past 10 vids
bigmikeobj 1
bigmikeobj 1 - Před 5 dny
The ravens in playoffs
Puwers - Před 5 dny
Poor quarterback play from Daniel Jones? He set a record for rookie touchdowns and maybe if he had some better blocking he could’ve done a lot better. The only thing he struggled with was ball control.
Puwers - Před 5 dny
How about mention our god awful defense that more often than not let up a touchdown or field goal in the final drive to lose the game. The offense was the part of the team that actually kept us in most of our games. The defense constantly let up the game winning drive.
Pandaistheone - Před 6 dny
The Seahawks no pi call no review that costed them the division against the 49ers
John Luke Wood
John Luke Wood - Před 7 dny
Juju Smith-Schuster should have been on this list
rippetoe 38
rippetoe 38 - Před 7 dny
1. The entire NFC East
Tavis Green
Tavis Green - Před 7 dny
Pause, who tf calls Dallas big d 🤨
Martin Elliot Edwards
Martin Elliot Edwards - Před 7 dny
Fuck the falcons. Go buccaneers!
IIIo2 - Před 8 dny
You probably never watched Daniel Jones play. He just needs to stop the fumbles.
FlipZ Kaarma
FlipZ Kaarma - Před 8 dny
You left out Todd Gurley
Lil Mike Olivarez
Lil Mike Olivarez - Před 8 dny
Why tf didn't you include the Seahawks v Packers divisional. Graham was clearly short smh
Genaricplayer 61
Genaricplayer 61 - Před 8 dny
Chris Boswell had a great season this tear ngl
Yessir Yessir
Yessir Yessir - Před 8 dny
3:33 thats british accent tho
ModulusGaming Bros
ModulusGaming Bros - Před 9 dny
The 4 nfc East teams were the thumbnail😂
ian deleon
ian deleon - Před 9 dny
Sadly the most disappointing part was the ravens season :(
Breakglass Dawkins
Breakglass Dawkins - Před 9 dny
Remember... remember... remember
Phillp - Před 9 dny
Bruh im a Giants fan
But how can u possibly call the Eagles disappointing when they had to deal with so many injuries
Tyler-j-2008 Yt
Tyler-j-2008 Yt - Před 9 dny
Doesn’t need to acknowledge Robbie Gould
Alex Willhite
Alex Willhite - Před 9 dny
Phone was at 13% when he said falcons 13th for that
LuicydClan _YT
LuicydClan _YT - Před 9 dny
Robbie Gould ?
Joycenator Gaming
Joycenator Gaming - Před 9 dny
Honestly any time I click on one of these videos and it’s this guy I just shut it off. Most stuff on this channel is lazy analytics and uneducated tropes highlighted by a complete lack of film watching. But it’s so glaring with this guy’s lousy attitude attached to it
Froggy jumps high Bronxs bigy fans
I'm fed up with Obj blaming other people for everything, him and Aaron Rodgers
Issac G
Issac G - Před 10 dny
Mason Rudolph
CookieFace - Před 10 dny
Steelers offence
Frontz - Před 11 dny
Just let the browns get used to their new team they can't just go to 1 -16 to 16-1 in one year
Joshua Kovacic
Joshua Kovacic - Před 11 dny
Patriots sucked because they underutilized James White. And they even used wrong.
Mauro Tanaka
Mauro Tanaka - Před 12 dny
Uhh no Zane Gonzales for a good kicker?
Smizz - Před 12 dny
Packers really need obj
BETHEL WULF - Před 12 dny
Eagles get no credit, still been in the playoffs 3 seasons straight and 2 time division champs in that time.
Adam Ripley
Adam Ripley - Před 12 dny

Just nobody

Me: "For the bad kickers how about the Seattle Seahawks kicker : Jason Myers
Lil Mike Olivarez
Lil Mike Olivarez - Před 8 dny
Ikr Ima Hawks fan and I say it confidently, Jason Meyers is a disappointment to the Seahawks. We get cursed with all the bad kickers. Hawks hired Blair Walsh after making that awful missed field goal AGAINST the Seahawks. So stupid.
Donald Dorito
Donald Dorito - Před 13 dny
Vikings kicker Dan Bailey was great
False Prediction Sonnen
False Prediction Sonnen - Před 14 dny
Everyone at TPS is about to become alcoholics once Brady wins his 7th next year
Jonathan Keane
Jonathan Keane - Před 14 dny
Jonathan Keane
Jonathan Keane - Před 14 dny
Patriots offense was Good What do you mean
Miner 69er
Miner 69er - Před 15 dny
Falcons are legit on this kind of list every year and should be til we win a superbowl
iVolcanic - Před 16 dny
Why did he not say anything about Josh Lambo? He's honestly the best kicker in the game. Has missed 2 fgs in 2 years
ThatOneHawaiian - Před 16 dny
We lost the Super Bowl
Nathaniel Inman
Nathaniel Inman - Před 17 dny
Daniel jones threw 24 tds against 12 picks ? How's that bad qb play smh y'all steady hating
No u Buddy
No u Buddy - Před 17 dny
Ummmm... Panthers???? Where they at on this list
Nelson King
Nelson King - Před 17 dny
The bears was a huge disappointment
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 - Před 17 dny
This is the best, most thorough video I have seen from this channel. Keep up with this type of unbiased content, because it is great to watch. And that’s coming from a guy who is usually critical about your videos due to how heavily biased or rushed they sometimes appear.
VeganVRking- daGameCat
VeganVRking- daGameCat - Před 19 dny
cookman2k - Před 19 dny
Butker has been my kicker in fantasy leagues the last 3 years, i take him in rnd. 14 to make sure i get him. 1st place 3 of 4 so far.
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan - Před 20 dny
chris boswell had a pretty good season