Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)

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Sometimes the scientific method takes us to new frontiers. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out the 2020 letter here: www.inflcr.co/SH1jF

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Mark Rober
Mark Rober - Před 4 dny
This one was quite a journey! I've been super busy filming and planning stuff. Got another vid comin in hot in about 2 weeks that's a real banger. Insta/Twitter/TicTok- @MarkRober
Sohaibo Kribich
Sohaibo Kribich - Před 3 dny
Silas Robot .
spooky sodi
spooky sodi - Před 3 dny
Yo have you heard of free range
Ziv Lim
Ziv Lim - Před 3 dny
extremecubing - Před 3 dny
@hellipadh20 I don't miss meat.
hellipadh20 - Před 3 dny
Bro it tastes like trash and you know it
Mr Daylight
Mr Daylight - Před dnem
Why didn't Gates send his kids to schools that teach common core when he had supported common core?
Basic Name
Basic Name - Před dnem
Wait so now we can have vegan meat eaters?
Toby Arnold
Toby Arnold - Před dnem
“As people get richer, they tend to eat more meat”

*let’s just ignore Bill Gates just said that, the 2nd richest person in the world.*
Swimbait1 - Před dnem
After eating meat for more than 50 years I stopped and haven’t missed it. I do miss cheese tho! It’s really easy after just a few weeks and has taught me to be a decent cook! And, my cholesterol dropped 60 points in 4-5 months.
LunarGlasses - Před dnem
Plot twist
That veggie burger at the start was just a regular burger
Sam K
Sam K - Před dnem
stop making me hungry
Hakaco. - Před dnem
This video should be renamed “Mark Rober turns people vegan colourised”
SaRo - Před dnem
I got banned on Xbox live so if you could say the following to bill the next time u see him, that would be great.
To bill: 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Mika Bozijanova
Mika Bozijanova - Před dnem
I love mean i love barbecue i eat meat every day and i am not sorry obout it cuz today i will eat tong from a cow yeah thats a thing and you should try it its like a rilligain
Don Dominic
Don Dominic - Před dnem
I never thought plant based food were this much non-polluting, realistic and safe.
Chengdong Ma
Chengdong Ma - Před dnem
Travis Sorenson
Travis Sorenson - Před dnem
The amount of CO2 release from harnessing nitrogen to fertilize crops is also a significant factor in greenhouse gas emissions. I'd be curious as to exactly how much better it is for the environment.
YankeeRBLX - Před dnem
There is one main big reason why I think we should have plant-based "meat" in stores. The reason is because Muslims can't eat most animals. Because of that it makes it more difficult to make a dish we really wanted to try out.
Cursed Shark
Cursed Shark - Před dnem
hey if it tastes the same i’m all for it
Yu Ling Chai
Yu Ling Chai - Před dnem
I think that the new corona virus might stop climate change because people travel less
Subscribe To Pewdiepie
Subscribe To Pewdiepie - Před dnem
This is the only video that inspires me to be a vegan
chim totté
chim totté - Před dnem
mark can you also buy them in belgium?? love the video
DunaFish - Před dnem
Ok, but i dont remember seeing anyone ask doe
Aaron Voon
Aaron Voon - Před dnem
Vegans all rise up
ChickenDock6549 Gaming
ChickenDock6549 Gaming - Před dnem
Tell bill gates I love Xbox and I did a report on bill gates because I love his products like xbox
T7machinimas - Před dnem
Midas Remin
Midas Remin - Před dnem
Definitely one of the best content creators on YouTube.
RedPandaHit - Před dnem
Jeremy Short
Jeremy Short - Před dnem
Hi, loved the video but had a thought - I saw the video thumbnail/title in my feed 3-4 times before I finally decided to click on it 2 days later and I think it's because the title didn't sound interesting. If I knew it was about the science of plant based meat substitutes I would have clicked immediately! Love your videos.
Fakrul Maza
Fakrul Maza - Před dnem
I wil not stop eat meat. I will eat more plant.
Poorlytrained VC
Poorlytrained VC - Před dnem
This is making me feel like I wanna go somewhat vegetarian, and not vegan people posting videos on how it should be illegal to eat meat and being all"oh look at me im so good I'm vegan"
thot slayer
thot slayer - Před dnem
But would it be More ekspensive
fillie is real
fillie is real - Před dnem
alex paulea
alex paulea - Před dnem
When I saw the thumbnail I thought you were going to prank billl gates and I was like dude he’s like 65
Is it me or Bill Gates looks like Oogway but human version

Edit: @ 9:46
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Před dnem
If you do eat meat you should buy high welfare. Which is admittedly difficult in the US.
blueboy Art
blueboy Art - Před dnem
Mr.beast plant 20M trees
Human: food
Jaap Van den heuvel
Jaap Van den heuvel - Před dnem
I think it is quite good that in the Netherlands we are really efficient with meat. There is a lot of focus on the farmer sector.
SpaceMan Water
SpaceMan Water - Před dnem
Mark Rober: how do I make this be like for the world? Ahhh, I know! *Inserts (for the world*
THE GOAT 4 PREZ. - Před dnem
Do vegans love animals or hate plants??🤔
TheReal_ist - Před dnem
1:32 "Is it good for the Planet?" Well what I can tell u is that wasting Three 2 foot long 2x4's isn't good for the planet.
Ya Hypocrite....
HoodieHydra - Před dnem
So basically only cows are a problem but chickens and pigs are still no too bad lol
OskaroS500 - Před dnem
Now do this same test with Elon Musk
Ray Huang
Ray Huang - Před dnem
The only meatless meals are the IKEA Veggie Balls and I eat them with disgust. But I still sneak in some Gravlax.
sk allanc
sk allanc - Před dnem
impossible meat + meatballs = impossiballs.
credit me
Raúl M.
Raúl M. - Před dnem
Don’t be a chicken and stop eating chickens! Is not that hard to become a vegan.
Your welcome
Your welcome - Před dnem
Medically some people can't 😬
fillie is real
fillie is real - Před dnem
Fun fact. If everyone was vegan, we would need a field as big as America to feed the world...I'll stay on meat
Isaac - Před dnem
Ok but bill gates made his money off of exploiting third world countries
Powaup - Před dnem
it tastes so good, cant wait for it to get cheaper
Noe Rojo Garcia
Noe Rojo Garcia - Před dnem
I don’t know what you say most of the time but your still cool
Christian Borres
Christian Borres - Před dnem
Your shirt is always from Threadless? Damn Mark I'm so jealous!
Grayson Cox
Grayson Cox - Před dnem
still gonna eat meat🤷🏼‍♂️
fillie is real
fillie is real - Před dnem
But plants
Noah Ruimveld
Noah Ruimveld - Před dnem
As a major contributor to the team trees movement, it is obvious to me that you, among many other people in the world, are aware of how important the environment is. As a very concerned citizen of the US and inhabitant of the world, I am worried that a major contributor to the environment is becoming a victim of misinformation that is being spread in large quantities through the media. The recent negative publicity that the agriculture industry has been receiving is truly harmful. I have done some research of my own and the results were astonishing. I looked thoroughly through the majority of top documents online representing both sides of the argument. The reports stating information about why agriculture, in particular dairy and beef farms, is harmful for the environment use data that is misrepresented and has no actual meaning. These articles play to the emotions of their readers by stating things such as the emissions from cows consist of a high percentage of the emissions in agriculture. While this might be true, they fail to compare these emissions to the impact that vehicles have on the planet. The most recent story in the news on the matter is that Starbucks is pushing their customers towards dairy alternatives. It is true that if there were no cows on the planet, there would be less emissions, but it doesn’t compare remotely to the emissions of vehicles. We are expanding into the realm of fully electric vehicles, which is good, but they are still built in plants that have a large carbon footprint. It would be different if organizations like Starbucks were promoting dairy alternatives for health reasons, but they are doing so to reduce their carbon footprint according to their advertisements. Milk also has a very high concentration of very important vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are essential to healthy living. Starbucks would lower their carbon footprint exponentially more if they disabled their drive through lines. I think it would be very informative and interesting if you did your thing and made a video on the difference between the emissions at a dairy farm compared to a local parking lot or highway. If the agriculture industry experiences major backlash from this publicity, it would be detrimental to the environment as well. I am truly concerned and I think that the truth of the matter needs to be shared faster than the misinformation is spreading.
Noah Ruimveld
Noah Ruimveld - Před dnem
Also the majority of protein in these meat substitutes comes from soy. Soy is a plant, and therefore the “burgers” are not meat but soy plants are incredibly harmful for the environment. They pull nutrients out of the soil to a degree that is nearly impossible to return from. Cows, on the other hand, fertilize the soil that they feed off of. I believe it is important to leave transportation of cows out of the calculation for emissions caused by cows, especially as we are getting into the era of fully electric vehicles.
Yi Zhen Chow
Yi Zhen Chow - Před dnem
it's good not killing animals but you have ti think about plants too they can die out to
fillie is real
fillie is real - Před dnem
So we shouldn't eat nothing?
Tinythinker Playz
Tinythinker Playz - Před dnem
I guess I'll just eat the sun
Me Me
Me Me - Před dnem
Great Video
Andre saldana
Andre saldana - Před dnem
I watched so many documentaries on why you should go vegan or the meat industry and this is the ONLY video that makes me want to go vegan
Zucko - Před dnem
imagine saying "I'm a vegan" in front of a person while eating this.
David Hill
David Hill - Před dnem
Go vegan ya knuckleheads it's easy
_wes the beast on caffeine
What I think my teacher is saying during science
Jordan - Před dnem
Also A&W!
Jason Kim
Jason Kim - Před dnem
But remember, many people are allergic to plants. Soy and nuts are most common. Unless you’re allergic to the things in pure meat(not just protein), which is unlikely, meat is superior. Plant based shouldn’t replace meat completely. Just alternate.
skinnerMTB - Před dnem
Honest question. Why are people always trying to make their plants taste like meat, but you never see people trying to make their meat taste like plants?
YourAverageGuy - Před dnem
How come I have never heard of this guy?? His got like 10 mil subs
Sub Zero
Sub Zero - Před dnem
I love meat, but now i am thinking of doing meatless monday
GALIDEO - - Před dnem
only so much likes