Updated House Tour! Being SINGLE and Quarantined

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Today I'm showing what's changed and new in the Jeffree Star Pomeranian Palace! Hi house tour update, how are ya? What changes have I made since moving in?? I haven't left the house in over a week and I thought it was a good time to also sit down and give you all a life update, ALL things personal. It's hard being open and vulnerable but I'm trying. 2020 has been an emotional rollercoaster. Please respect me in this time, I thank you all for your love and continued support always!
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Moments To Treasure
Moments To Treasure - Před hodinou
Shane is there too
Hasnan Alexander
Hasnan Alexander - Před hodinou
Get a new puppy and name her Dior
Siempre Mireya
Siempre Mireya - Před hodinou
The whole house is a place for Instagram photo.
Sarah Floria
Sarah Floria - Před hodinou
Maddie is such a sweetie!!! I honestly love her soo much!
Maddie: I'm not used to being this far away from you ☹️
Teshiku - Před hodinou
Jeffee I wouldn’t care if I had to stay at home if I was in your home
OI! Josuke
OI! Josuke - Před hodinou
1:15 bona
lexi pike
lexi pike - Před hodinou
I mean getting covid 19 is one thing but drinking clorox might get ya sick...
Careful with the cleaner
ellen tobin
ellen tobin - Před hodinou
Don't sound right that you can't sell your products on line. You should get a lawyer.
Sxarlet Monarch
Sxarlet Monarch - Před hodinou
The title of the video Is just a
Whole mood
Gem Galang
Gem Galang - Před hodinou
Love ya JS. U obviously u love dogs but ever considered fostering a dog(s) in need of a home, especially during the pandemic?
sonia singh
sonia singh - Před hodinou
jefree its not healthy to eat fries like that. please don't eat it.
Jorge Torres
Jorge Torres - Před hodinou
Lela Souza
Lela Souza - Před hodinou
Dudeeee don't eat lysol!!!!
zainab batool
zainab batool - Před hodinou
I am scared from you
Brenda Mattos
Brenda Mattos - Před hodinou
Thank you for being you and making everyone aware.
A lot of us only have this to be together, also we have lost our jobs and hope so thank you for being this real with us. It’s important
常乐 - Před hodinou
what’s the product he used to spray on the food? If it safe to eat?
agraves50 - Před hodinou
Cashapp $Buckets4days..I'm trying to feed people in need..
Sara Sha
Sara Sha - Před hodinou
Don’t let your dogs near the Himalayan salt !!!! 🛑 If they get hooked on licking it, it can be very toxic. Everyone please make sure you spread the word in the comments.
Sammy Sou
Sammy Sou - Před hodinou
I would never leave that home theater or home spa 🧘🏻‍♀️
x31513 - Před hodinou
Jeffree you are my inspiration. Your business smarts and heart in everything you do is what I want to achieve in my life. Someday I will meet you and we will share our charisma uniqueness nerve and talent together! May the universe give you every fabulous thing you deserve darling 💎✨
CloudsandDreams - Před hodinou
Ok but the Aston looked way better in that amazing green
akima1155 - Před hodinou
I love that you are taking care of your employees 💕 Other businesses should follow your example 💜
Candy Toosweet
Candy Toosweet - Před hodinou
Hey beautiful if you’re reading this go show me some love on my YouTube channel Candy Toosweet ❤️ if you did thank you love🥰
Chelsey Lavigne
Chelsey Lavigne - Před hodinou
I'm so happy to see that you're doing alright Jeffrey, I know that you have your struggles with depressions but it's comforting to see that you have support and your eye on your future. I to am going through a break up and I know how cold and lonely of a feeling it can be, but we're gonna get through this hun, I love you!!!!
Hasnan Alexander
Hasnan Alexander - Před hodinou
First of all you should out black roses with golden tips in your foyer of your bedroom
AllTheGood Today
AllTheGood Today - Před hodinou
🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸I’m OBSESSED with the red! 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸
Daysday 123
Daysday 123 - Před hodinou
Grab a Red Bull and take a hit, I like it
Ayla ASMR - Před hodinou
That Versace wallpaper is about €150 a ROLL
zainab batool
zainab batool - Před hodinou
Are you male or female
Zac Billie
Zac Billie - Před hodinou
Even his bathrooms are INSTAGRAMABLE!
Dominic Espiritu
Dominic Espiritu - Před hodinou
It's Time To Giveaway IPHONE 11 Jeffrey 🌟 HAHA Just Kidding.😅👆👉
Amber Rhoades
Amber Rhoades - Před hodinou
Your video has given me a small break from reality. I'm going through a REALLY hard time right now. My dad is battling cancer, covid19 is running rampant AND my 7month old son just got admitted to children's hospital last night w/a head injury that he got from a fall while playing w/his older brother. I don't know how much more bad news I can handle right now so it was nice just to escape for a few minutes.
TOKIMI - Před hodinou
Did she just sprayed the lysol into his drinks? 😯
Naomi Sherred
Naomi Sherred - Před hodinou
Dear Jeffrey - so sorry you've been down etc but like you say this will pass. Onwards and upwards sweetie! Xx
braceface_ abyy
braceface_ abyy - Před hodinou
yummy chemical topped fries 💗😍
Janis Signer
Janis Signer - Před hodinou
The only thing that really freaked me out was when they jumped on the bed with his shoes, like gurl, dont go with your shoes on your bed plzz
Francesca Mendori
Francesca Mendori - Před hodinou
World quaranten: disinfect every thing
Americans: on the bed with shoes
Emily Deibert
Emily Deibert - Před hodinou
I love how real you are. I seriously love you so much.
Anonymous - Před hodinou
tow wow
tow wow - Před hodinou
11:44 i.. omg haha
Water Bottle
Water Bottle - Před hodinou
The fact that your not even flexing you just worked hard and earned the money to live well makes me have hope for this world.
g C
g C - Před hodinou
He? Loves those nails showing those fingernails and hands
Kays B
Kays B - Před hodinou
Unfortunately weve been told we cant make unnecessary car drives so cant just go for a drive as its either to work or shopping only. Theyll be fining people
Zachary Petkovic
Zachary Petkovic - Před hodinou
I’m so sad I had a dream that I met you and you came to where I lived and spent a day with me and we did fun things I got pictures with you and an autograph. We had so much fun but then I wake up and realized it was all a dream 😭😭😭😭.
Yue Jojo
Yue Jojo - Před hodinou
g C
g C - Před hodinou
You need to worry more about AIDS than covd
TOKIMI - Před hodinou
You're digusting
Erica R.
Erica R. - Před hodinou
IT'S MY 30TH BIRTHDAY! Can't think of anything better than to watch Jeffree Star while in quarantine
Astrology Is my Religion
Astrology Is my Religion - Před hodinou
I like how the wig feels doomsday/apocalyptic especially with the black mask
Alaa Takach
Alaa Takach - Před hodinou
It would mean the world if you check my song covers on my channel and show some support❤
Vvoosan.shivber __
Vvoosan.shivber __ - Před hodinou
I got this from another comment but Jeffree should so a video where him and his friends play hide and seek in his house!!!
Jennifer Noel
Jennifer Noel - Před hodinou
I think you show off your wealth way too much. You earn your money and you have a right to spend it on what you please. But you show your wealth way too much. My partner and I live from paycheck to paycheck, so just saying. I do know that you used to live that way too though, so I know you can relate. That being said, I know you give to charities and help people. I also applaud you for not being cheap to your employees during this time, providing them full pay and benefits. You are correct in big corporations having the money but not taking care of their workers. At least you appreciate yours. Even though I have issues about you showing off too much, I also have respect for all the good you do and you seem to be a genuinely good person. I hope you and all those around you stay well. And I love you for the way you take care of your fur babies. P.S. My dad has and loves Poms too
Alaa Takach
Alaa Takach - Před hodinou
Significaría el mundo si revisas las versiones de mis canciones en mi canal y muestras algo de apoyo❤
Paige Beauchem
Paige Beauchem - Před hodinou
Your animals arent carriers of the virus that was a myth... it only affects peopl
Antonia Adebo
Antonia Adebo - Před hodinou
Jeffree your hair color is everything!
Jennifer Colon
Jennifer Colon - Před hodinou
Jeffree Slaping every drama channel on the Face about the Car😂
Cristina B
Cristina B - Před hodinou
Jeffree you look stunning! And love your outfit and your hair ( or wig, whatever) love, love, love
Kejsi Lohja
Kejsi Lohja - Před hodinou
i would not mind being stuck in his house for like 2 years
freelancer alamin
freelancer alamin - Před hodinou
Olachika Villamar
Olachika Villamar - Před hodinou
Why Jeffree star looks like aswang in fillifinino delobyo jeffree star called Michele dy make up a trash but look in your mirror jeffree star you looks a trash too I hate you
Death_Is_Life - Před hodinou
If i was Jeffree I would self isolate even if there wasn't a virus
Me Noname
Me Noname - Před hodinou
We're all here for you Jeffree!!
Helica 182
Helica 182 - Před hodinou
hailee - Před hodinou
im looking at my room like.. jeffree would not approve
Monica Morrison
Monica Morrison - Před hodinou
I think what your doing for everyone is amazing and incredible
Cravãge Ałi
Cravãge Ałi - Před hodinou
Who’s here from trending
Trïs Tåñ
Trïs Tåñ - Před hodinou
Yo ...what is this person a man or a woman
Westbrook - Před hodinou
A bust of one of the pups would look bomb too in the opulent room.
Dee Polidoro
Dee Polidoro - Před hodinou
Your new home is amazing😍💯. I have lymphedema, a spinal card stimulator, I'm in kidney failure. I cant work. My husband is on two different heart meds. Neither of us can afford our meds. I dont want us to die. Im lockdown. We don't have food. My two adult dogs had 7 pups and no food because of no money. My gas, electricity is not paid. My landlord is not excusing my rent of $1,100. I buy all your makeup before this virus. I could use your help desperately, and 2 of your black mask. Please Jefferee help me I dont want to die 🤢💯😍. I love you. I live in N.J where it is really bad.
Emily Alcorn
Emily Alcorn - Před hodinou
My actual name is Emily Lynn love you jefferey 😍😍🥰🥰🥰 pls respond
Алина Адаева
Алина Адаева - Před hodinou
Trinity Weathersby
Trinity Weathersby - Před hodinou
Baby that coat at the end is everything!!!!
Jenn E
Jenn E - Před hodinou
Cartoon character ...nice house though.
Danny Stockman
Danny Stockman - Před hodinou
The stupid ways people manage to make money
away_with_annie - Před hodinou
I worry for Jeffree now, with being single. I worry so many fake people will try to befriend him or get involved with him just for his lifestyle and money.
Daniela Garcia
Daniela Garcia - Před hodinou
Jeffree can you please help me out! 😩 I lost my job 3 weeks ago, I went through a miscarriage the same week and I’ve just been going through it! Im trying my best to find a new job but nothing is happening for me, please anything helps $dany2u
Antòn Jonker
Antòn Jonker - Před hodinou
IN THE MAKING - Před hodinou
I really appreciate when Jeffree shares a lil bit of how he's feeling because it reminds me of how human we all are and how were never alone
keith xoxo
keith xoxo - Před hodinou
Did you just spray your french fries? 😂
AlohaKawaii - Před hodinou
Honestly why are you on a reality tv show? E! Or Netflix needs to pick you up... but they probably can’t even afford you
Courtney - Před hodinou